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What are the differences between hard and soft brazing?

Hard solder or soft solder does not require the same temperature or filler metal. Moreover, the consequences are not the same for the structure of metals. Here are the differences between these two methods. The preparation of the parts The preparation of the parts is crucial for both types of brazing. To achieve a qualityRead more

What is brazing ?

Brazing is a technique that allows two metal parts to be joined together by creating continuity. It requires a filler metal that is melted by the action of the brazing iron or blowtorch. It can be used for many materials and ensures a more or less robust assembly, depending on whether it is soft orRead more

La soudure autogene et le chalumeau oxyacétylénique Korto Réf. 2907

What is autogenous welding?

Autogenous welding is the process of welding materials such as steel or iron. It is used in a wide variety of fields, such as central heating, iron and metalwork, and in case of furniture manufacturing. With practice, a high-grade autogenous weld will be smooth, straight and even. However, there is often a slight overthickness atRead more

What is the difference between brazing and welding?

Soldering and welding are two different techniques. In the first case, you have to bring a third element, i.e. another filler metal that will make the joint, while in the second case, the two pieces are sufficient because they will blend together. The differences between these two methods are detailed below. Brazing versus soldering WhenRead more

How to achieve tin soldering

Tin solder is generally used to join(or repair) zinc gutter elements or cold water pipes, to solder electronic components and to manufacture various objects, e.g. decorative objects. In this tutorial, we will see how to proceed to make a clean and quality tin weld. The first rule for a weld is to take your timeRead more

Soudure aluminium avec les chalumeaux oxy Express

Which gas should be used for welding aluminium, stainless steel, tin, zinc?

You must choose your welding gas according to your raw materials. Here is our guide to help you choose your : gas for stainless steel welding ; gas for aluminium welding ; gas for tin soldering ; gas for zinc welding. Gas for stainless steel welding There are several processes for stainless steel welding. YouRead more

Butane gas torch 5100 : the ideal and versatile product for all interventions in the home

The 5100 butane gas torch has been designed by the engineers in the Guilbert Express development department to be versatile and enable you to solve all your DIY problems at home. Operating on butane, the plumbing torch is robust and its ease of use makes it accessible to all. Technical characteristics of the butane gasRead more

Manche et tuyaux prémontrés Réf. 2990 pour poste Oxy-Start 2902

Torch or soldering blow lamp, what to choose?

The choice between the torch and the soldering blow-torch depends on the work you have to do. The former is more recommended for heavy work and professional use, while the latter will be more suitable for small everyday tasks and for domestic use. The soldering blow lamp The soldering blow lamp 8900 The soldering blowRead more

Chalumeau oxyacétylénique Koro réf. 290

Setting an oxyacetylene torch

The oxyacetylene torch mixes two gases and allows you to carry out a very broad range of jobs. It produces an oxyacetylene flame that can exceed 3,000 °C, using the appropriate torch and nozzle. Koro oxyacetylene station What is the principle of the oxyacetylene torch? The oxyacetylene torch uses two gases: oxygen and acetylene. ThisRead more

Valisette ouverte Vulcane Express Réf. 471

The Vulcane Express torch: a revolutionary product for plumbers

The Vulcane Express is the brand new plumbing torch designed by Gilbert Express. Its ultra-easy operation and maintenance, and its ultra-light weight, is a real revolution for plumbing torch users. The advantage of low weight The Vulcane Express weighs 400 grams, making it one of the lightest products on the market. When you use itRead more

décapage vieille peinture

Stripping old paint? Easy with the paint stripper burner

When you start renovation work, you will often be faced with layers of paint that you must remove before you can repaint your wall or furniture. There are two methods of stripping old paint: the paint stipper burner and chemical stripping. The dangers of chemical stripping Chemical stripping can be effective, but it presents certainRead more

470 Vulcane XPRESS

Vulcane Express torch, a technical revolution made possible by the use of a European propylene gas: Xpress Gas

Vulcane Express is a revolutionary and versatile torch that will accompany you in all your work. Delivered with all its accessories, the simplicity of its use and changing its parts – lances, gas cartridge and piezo – will pleasantly surprise you. This performance is only possible thanks to the new XPRESS GAS cartridge, the resultRead more