Roofer hoseless soldering iron

Guilbert Express

14 June, 2012
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Un couvreur en action sur un toit avec le nouveau fer de couvreur Express Réf. 6367-8
This solder iron for roofing is the ultimate portable device. It has a power of 1.3KW at 2 bar and its bit tip heats up to around 1112°F very quickly.
With this tool, roofers no longer have to encumber themselves with the pipes and gas cylinders that come with traditional soldering ironswhen doing, for instance, repair or inspection works on the roof.

As such, it is an essential addition to the range of traditional Express soldering irons.

The self-powered soldering iron, Express 364, supplied as standard with a piezo ignition, is a valuable work tool for all professionals in the roofing industry. It is perfect for finishing works as it can be used non-stop for 70 minutes, allowing the roofer to move about freely on the roof.
Ergonomically-designed, compact and lightweight, the soldering iron weighs little more than a kilo… and that’s including the cartridge and bit!
Express 364 also comes with an optional metal box (Ref 6364) and features 15% propylene/butane/ropane (60g) foam cartridges (Ref. 444), making it possible to flip it over and use it immediately.
The soldering iron can be used in very cold weather at temperatures as low as 18°F due to itshigh-quality French craftsmanship and turbo bit; an added asset for roofers who spend most of their time outdoors!
Finally,the Express self-powered soldering iron runs at a very low noise level to further enhance user comfort.”