With its expertise in the field of flame tools, at the beginning of the 1970s, the company Guilbert Express developed flame heating tools designed specifically for the worlds of packaging and containment, which became a success with the development of polyethylene and polypropylene sheets of various thickness. With the use of heat shrink torches in “propane gas” mode, such as the shrinkforming gun, palettes can be wrapped with speed and total safety. Two heat-shrink gun products are at the heart of this family. They are the 40 kW and 65 kW versions of the Rafale heat-shrink torch.  With their quick-release coupling, 4-bar regulator and torch gas hose, these two models perfectly meet the needs of packaging and site containment professionals, who need to handle large volumes or efficiently provide lasting protection for their goods. Whether it’s for indoor containment or outdoor containment, protection of goods for storage or to ensure excellent stability of packaged products, with transparent plastic film, you can immediately see their contents while providing effective protection  against theft and damage of all types. For added convenience when using these tools, equip yourself with our cylinder trolleys.