For electricity and electronics professionals, the Express brand has developed a range of electric soldering irons under the brand Tempo, delivering power of 25 to 55 watts. For this range, electric soldering iron tips have been developed with different shapes and sizes, available for sale online, making it possible to solder electronic components and circuits in even the tightest spaces. For radio-engineering enthusiasts, several other electric soldering iron models in the Galaxy brand have been selected by the Guilbert Express design team, which also includes a desoldering pump, as well as an instant electric soldering iron that delivers power of 100 watts. Also available in this section, our range of High Thermal Output electric soldering irons includes five different soldering irons and numerous spare parts, including spare brass tips and heating cartridges, which will offer many years of reliable service for electricians and tinsmiths in their workshops. Finally, of course, this product family also includes a wide range of high purity tin solder and a set of desoldering braids, which are available at your usual Express retailers.