Presentation of the Raptor 90 kW

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7 June, 2021
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L'utilisation du chalumeau Raptor en version 90 kW

The Raptor torch gun is a light, powerful and precise tool. It can be adapted to many of your jobs, thanks to the choice of power available. Like all Express tools, its clever design allows you to change the burner or Piezo trigger without the need for tools. The Raptor is very precise, perfectly suited for professional use and its simplicity also allows you to do work at home.

Presentation of the Raptor torch gun

Ease of use and safety

Le chalumeau Raptor en version 90 kWWelding and sealing work is made easier with the Raptor’s very light weight of 500 grams. This allows you to handle it easily and for a long time, without putting too much strain on the muscles and joints of the hand, wrist, and arm. So you can avoid all the Musculoskeletal Disorders, or MSDs, of the welder.

With a minimal sound level, the Raptor allows you to work calmly without disturbances.

The Raptor’s handle is ergonomically designed, giving you a secure grip. It is equipped with a safety device: if you let go of the handle, the torch shuts down automatically, reducing the risk of accidents.

The power and precision of the Raptor torch

The Raptor comes with 4 interchangeable burners that you can choose according to the type of work you want to do. You can choose between three power ratings: 30 kW, 70 kW, 90 kW and 160 kW.

This way, you get the ideal diameter and range of flame for your needs as well as a highly accurate tool. The flame is easily adjusted by means of a large knob on the handle that you activate while you work.

The Raptor’s burners are made of titanium, which ensures a long service life. Titanium tolerates high temperatures, is shock resistant and is not susceptible to erosion.

The positions of the caulking gun

The Raptor caulking gun brings you safety and comfort, as well as saving on gas. It has 3 marked positions: ‘off’ when the tool is stored, ‘on’ for ignition and use, and a third position to change your lance.

Fast implementation

The connection to the gas cylinder is very simple, thanks to the quick coupling between the two elements that allows them to be clipped together.

The Piezo ignition ensures a quick start, without the need for a lighter. The ignition is safe, with a low flow rate. It is synchronized and can be obtained by simply pulling the trigger.

Maintenance without tools

The Raptor torch doesn’t require any tools for its maintenance or to change its parts.

– To change the burner, place your torch gun in the position provided for changing the lance. The burners are clipped and unclipped by performing a small rotation by hand.

– The connection and disconnection to the gas cylinder also works with a clip.

– Changing the Piezo takes only a few seconds, still without tools.

The economics of the Raptor

The Raptor torch gun is an economical tool with optimised gas consumption.

The safety handle also helps to drastically reduce gas consumption, which, in turn, allows you to significantly reduce yourCO2 emissions. Whenever you stop working, the torch gun automatically turns off. Thanks to the Piezo ignition, you don’t waste any time turning it on again, just pull the trigger and the Raptor is ready to go.