How to weed with a thermal weeder?

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6 March, 2022
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desherbeur thermique a gaz

Hunting weeds has never been fun before, but everything has changed since the invention of thermal weed killers, now available for individuals or professionals at an affordable price.

What is the concept of thermal weeding

The thermal weeder uses heat directly applied to the plants to be removed. It is not about burning the plant, but rather heating it for a few seconds. That’s the whole point of “thermal shock”. It dries out within minutes and then dies within a few days. If you burn it, it can heal and come back later. Note that most of the time, two sessions are required 72 hours apart.

No chemicals are used, which guarantees the ecological aspect of the process. On the other hand, you have the advantage of being able to treat weeds locally, without the risk of contaminating other weeds and plants adjacent to them.

The advantage of not using chemical products avoids the destruction of the underground fauna essential to the regeneration of the planet (micro-organisms, insects and small animals, such as moles and rodents). You also avoid polluting groundwater and waterways that carry chemicals by capillary action.

How do you use your thermal weeder?

The thermal weeder uses the same principle as a  torch. If you use a thermal gas weeder, it is equipped with a gas cartridge connected to a hose and carried by the operator or it is connected to a trolley that carries a large gas bottle, if you have large areas to treat.

Light the flame of your thermal weeder and stand about 10 centimetres away from the plant you want to destroy. Allow the flame to burn for about 10 seconds before moving on to the next step.

The plants you’ve treated will die within a few days. For the most resistant ones, it is sometimes necessary to use the thermal weeder at 72 hour intervals. Be patient, do not take out your thermal weeder if the plants have not died the day after your intervention, you must wait at least this time.

It is also possible that the passage of the thermal weeder gas activates or spreads seeds, which is why you often have to go over it a second time.

Advantages and limitations of the thermal weeder

As mentioned above, the thermal weeder saves you from using polluting chemicals. It also gives you much better comfort, because digging out weeds is time-consuming work that breaks your back and knees. In just two sessions, you can treat large areas.

When using a thermal gas weeder, you need to take a few precautions. Be careful to aim at the grasses you want to eradicate, without touching your flower beds, vegetable garden and any wooden structures that may be on your property.

You should not use your thermal weeder during periods of drought when the grass is yellow, especially if you are in the countryside, surrounded by scrubs that can catch fire very easily. It is always recommended to have a fire extinguisher at your side when weeding.

The thermal weeder is not suitable for areas where the grass is already very tall, such as on wasteland that is not regularly maintained. In this case, you will have to start by clearing the scrubs and mowing, then pass the weeder only over the parts to be eliminated.

Thanks to your thermal gas weeder, weeding will no longer be a chore, your garden will be in perfect condition, without ever being polluted.